I have a home based business where I keep all my customer data on my main PC when it crashed. I called Magnum Computers and a tech guy came out 40min later. He said I had a bad hard drive and took the PC to the shop where he recovered all my data and even my programs! (good thing because I don’t have all my CD’s anymore). They installed a new hard drive and had my PC back to me later that day! I can’t thank them enough.

Jennifer M.

John is simply the best …. ever! My computer caught a bad virus. I called the Geek Squad at Best Buy because that’s where I bought my computer. They said that whether I brought my computer into the store, or they came out, it would take a week. It always takes a week with them. Don’t know why they don’t hire more people.Called John at Magnum and he was at my house within an hour. I had read instructions on how to clean up the virus, but didn’t trust myself to do it right. John had everything he needed to get clean up the virus completely, and he found some other ones in the process. I thought that my anti-virus program, Trend Micro, was supposed to catch these things, but it didn’t. John spent an hour and a half running the clean up programs and rechecking everything. It was money well spent. He lives in Laguna Hills.

Greg N.

PC Owner

John Magnus of Magnum Computer “saved my bacon” when my home PC recently locked up tight. John came to my home office just an hour after I called him and immediately tackled the problem. He was able to quickly repair the software issues that had corrupted my files and got my computer back up and running quickly. He not only fixed my specific problem but “tuned-up” the computer so that it now runs as quickly as it did when it was new (maybe faster!) He also fixed a couple of side problems that had been adversely impacting the way the computer worked, including fixing my external back-up system. I have had reasonable experience with PC’s so I could immediately tell that John knew exactly what he was doing and didn’t need to “thrash around all over my computer” trying to figure out what was wrong. I would give John my unequivical highest endorsement. I will for sure call him any time my PC hiccups. If you have a problem, I can’t think of anybody better to call than John Magnum. Rich Belliston, a VERY SATISFIED client!


Orange County’s Best Computer Repair!

I have a 2-year old HP dv4 laptop that was hung-up with a blank screen. It would not boot, nor could I get any control by using Esc, F8 or F10. I took it to where it was purchased (Best Buy), and they said it could be any H/W component. If they took it, it would be shipped out to a Repair Depot, and it would not be back for at least four weeks. So I did not leave my computer there. I looked on-line for a local repair service in south Orange County and found Magnum Computers. The ad said they will come to your home/business, 24/7, experienced and certified, and the reviews on multiple web sites were very good. So I took a chance on them. The repairman came out to my house on a Saturday (at no cost), evaluated my laptop, and told me he was 100% sure it was the motherboard. He said the cost for a new motherboard was about $300, and the labor would be about $100, and he would have the laptop ready by Wednesday. All of this was true, and I have a working laptop again (with a new one year HP warranty on the motherboard). It is hard to find a knowledgeable, honest, and prompt service person, but Magnum Computers is just that.